Tuesday, 03 May 2011

Time Out

Today is Day 7 since I departed from Cape Town. I now find myself in Citrusdal, and will probably be here for a few days.

I fell ill on Day 1 of the journey. I had hoped it would blow over as quickly as it had come.
Every day I spend on the road I feel worse. So I resorted to riding one day - resting one day. Though I am afraid I might end up worsening my condition if I keep pushing myself. My body is telling me it needs time to heal. So I will adhere.

The weather forecast also shows rain until Thursday. So perhaps best that I stay put for now.
I am, of course, very eager to get back on the road. Taking this setback into consideration, I anticipate crossing the border and entering Namibia in about 10 - 12 days time.

I know what the road ahead looks like. It doesn't get any easier. So best I make sure I am fully recovered before I push on again.

I am staying with Piet Smit, who has been very kind to me. Jana, the housekeeper is making sure I eat and even squeezing out fresh orange juice. I owe them a great gratitude!

Once again, thank you for all the messages, prayers and phone calls. Feels like I have the whole continent rooting for me!
Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you all good to go again:) KEEP STRONG.. The 'GRAVEL' boys..

Kathikat said...

Hey Chick,

Glad you're feeling better. Have fun today...