Monday, 23 May 2011

Double milestone day!!!

The first 1,000 kilometers are done and dusted AND today was the first day of spending 100 kilometers in the saddle!!! Is that not just fantastic???!!! Yay!! Lol!

The elevation profile for the first 100km out of Keetmanshoop was meant to look like this.  However, Google Earth did not breathe a word about ...

... the howling head wind!! 15km from Keetmanshoop this video was taken: ‘This is the head wind against which I am going to try and cover a distance of 100km today!!’

A delicious jaffle lunch!! 24km’s from Keetmans and still facing a howling wind!

A stark reminder of the road ahead!!

100.44 kilometers!!! Cycled in one short day!! How incredible is that??

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Peter said...

I hope you will have a rest day in Keetmanshoop! The stretch to Mariental is rather daunting in its own right, and very little to feast the eye on. On the other hand it is flat and straight. Let's hope for no further headwinds.
I will attempt to get the PRO of Namibia Tourism, Maggy Mbako, to meet you in Winhoek when you arrive there. I cannot seem to find a more detailed itinery to let them know when that will be, though? Elize, can you help?
Good luck, Girl!