Monday, 23 May 2011

The day after the momentous day

An early start. Almost packed, just waiting for the oats to cook! Yum!!

Getting closer to a BIG town!! Yay!!

Guess what’s for lunch today??? Another one of those divine jaffles!! Lol!!

Yesterday’s milestones are soooo taking their toll!! Sore legs, sore back and very, very tired!! Nap time!! Later!!

Speeding past the slow traffic!! Fabulous!!

Nothing beats a roadside nap in the shade!

 Getting there, getting there!

Five dead snakes along the road, BIG ones at that = tent pitched tonight!!

Beautiful, beautiful soft sunset

Perfecting one pot cooking! Tonight's special is rice, soya mince, viennas, baked beans and sweetcorn!!

This is delicious!! Really, no kidding! It’s fabulous!!

Just look at that distance again!! On a roll!! Whoop whoop!!

Tomorrow is just over 60km to Mariental!!! And this is what the road will hold!

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