Monday, 16 May 2011

Hello Namibia!!

Hellooo Namibia!! Wooohooo!
The moment I've been dreaming about for over 3 and a half years finally came today! Waving farewell to my beautiful South Africa Just for a little while) and crossing over into Namibia!

When I woke up in Springbok yesterday, the town had been transformed into an eerie ghost town overnight! Thick, thick mist hung over the town and it was freezing! And this on the day that I had to set out again after my 2 rest days!

And then, I think I was about halfway to Steinkopf, a puncture to my front tyre broke my momentum! And my kickstand gave in! Feels like the Universe is set on pushing me a little harder every single day!

Luna leaning against a railing while a puncture in her front tyre gets attended to and some emergency repairs made to her kick stand.

Steinkopf is a humble little town. The people are friendly. A little unsure of me at first, until they realise that I speak their language! :-)

Antoinette, a friend of mine who has cycled these parts before, told me that today would start with 30 kilometers of uphill and then down all the way to the border. It was beyond freezing cold when I got up this morning! I'm used to handling crazy heat on the road, not cold!
And of course, I was greeted by yet another flat tyre! Always only the front wheel!?

That puncture just HAS to be here, somewhere!!!

Though none of that mattered when I hit the downhill! Pure bliss, that's what it was!! I absolutely flew to the border!

Though 500 meters from the border I came to an abrupt halt. It hit me. "This is it! This is the moment you've been waiting for"! I have always said that once I enter Namibia I will not turn back, no matter what! This is my 'point of no return'. And today, I crossed that point!

I'll admit that I had tears in my eyes as I made my way through the border. Brought on by excitement, pride, the unknown that awaits and realising how much I will miss my nearest and dearest!

Departing from my beautiful South Africa!

Paperwork in hand for my FIRST border crossing!! YAY!!

Being welcomed to the Namibian side of the border post.

I am so excited and proud - Luna and I made it to Namibia!!!

I'm staying over at Noordoewer Guesthouse & 'Die Mielie' Farmstall tonight. Tomorrow Luna and I head toward Grünau!

Ready or not, here I come! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Noble journey heads into Nambia! A dream come true. What dynamic progress. Will Jolandie leave Nambia?