Sunday, 15 May 2011

Springbok to Steinkopf (15 May 2011 - Day 19 in pictures)

20km outside of Springbok. Luna leaning against a railing while a puncture in her front tyre gets attended to and some emergency repairs made to her kick stand.

Lunch stop 37km outside Springbok in a freezing cold wind

Accommodation just outside Steinkopf at the Kookfontein Rondawels and Tourist Information Centre.

Getting ready to cook a gourmet meal of bully beef, sweetcorn and baked beans!!!

How delicious does that look?? And please notice the SPORK!!

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Anonymous said...

Following you is FUN, FUN, FUN! If spirits could move your bike with a tailwind speeding you on, that is what would be wished for! Smooth sailing for Jolandie and SAFETY at all times as she progresses in her NOBLE cause - how can the world NOT notice? Let's do a CNN iReport please - can you just take a few minutes to answer the interview questions and I'll post on ireport?

Shyne said...

Hey Jo, I hope ur well and enjoying ur trip so far.
We are all behind you 100000%

Look forward to joining u somewhere along the line.

Stay safe and dream with your heart.